NameCheaps private email MX settings for AWS Route53

Posted by Dark Training on January 3, 2016 tags: | aws | namecheap

When you are moving your Website from Namecheap to AWS, one the functions you may want to keep is the email hosting from Namecheap. However, after you move your DNS to point route53, you’ll also need to make a MX (mail exchange) record for Route53 in order to have this work.

I was a little surprised to see that I did not find a site that basically anwserd “What do I need to type into the route53 MX value”.

Name cheap provides a block of text that looks like the image below but they don’t provide much else, and why would they, it’s not their service anymore.

This domain name is using third party DNS, please contact your DNS provider to add the following records: 
.mail(YOUR-DOMAIN).com IN
TXT v=spf1 ~all 
.autodiscover(YOUR-DOMAIN).com IN CNAME
.autoconfig(YOUR-DOMAIN).com IN CNAME
._autodiscover._tcp(YOUR-DOMAIN).com IN SRV 0 443

In route53, create a new record set as type “MX”, then in the values simply paste:


Now, if you want your subdomain mail.<your-domain>.com to redirect to their private mail server, create a CNAME and alias ‘mail.<your-domain>.com’ to point to ‘‘’’.